Gloria Archer Legacy Bursary

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

The Gloria Archer Legacy Bursary is affiliated with Knight Archer Insurance Ltd. The fund is established to provide a bursary to an individual living in Saskatchewan that has completed the Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) Module 1 Immersion course and has been accepted in the second-year insurance specialization of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic business diploma program. The bursary is to assist the recipient in the continuation of their course of studies in the insurance field.

The Knight Archer Insurance Ltd. Board of Directors based on the following eligibility criteria will award a bursary, valued at $4,000 to one individual annually.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The recipient of the Gloria Archer Insurance Bursary will:

  • Be a current resident of Saskatchewan;
  • Confirm completion of the CAIB Module 1 immersion course delivered by Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan;
  • Confirm acceptance in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Year 2 Insurance Specialty Program; and
  • Demonstrates leadership and strong commitment to the community and the insurance business by providing a short essay on:
    • How do you believe the insurance industry can have a positive impact on the community?
    • How do you plan to make a difference as a broker?

To submit your name for consideration, please complete the online application and attach a short essay (max. 500 words) below. 

The deadline to apply is June30, 2022. Awarded in September 2022.


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