Gloria Archer Legacy
Insurance Bursary

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

The Gloria Archer Legacy Bursary is affiliated with Knight Archer Insurance Ltd. The fund is established to provide a bursary to an individual living in Saskatchewan that is enrolled in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Business Diploma Program Year 2 Insurance Specialty Program. The bursary is intended to encourage and recognize students in the insurance field.

Knight Archer Insurance, based on the following criteria, will award two bursaries per year at $2,000 each if the number of applications is high; or one per year at $4,000 if the number of applications is low.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

The recipient of the Gloria Archer Insurance Bursary will:

  1. Be a current resident of Saskatchewan; and
  2. Be enrolled full-time in the Business Insurance Diploma Program, Year 2 at any Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus.
  3. Selection will be based on:
    1. Financial Need (75% weighting) and
    2. Leadership and Commitment to Community (25% weighting) through initiating innovative community projects and /or volunteerism with community or schools by answering these two questions.
      1. How do you believe the insurance industry can have a positive impact of the community?
      2. How do you plan on making a difference as a broker
  4. Recipients must provide Saskatchewan Polytechnic with permission to release their name and contact information to Knight Archer Insurance.

Go to to submit your application.

Application deadline February 17, 2024